Kajo - stolik (S)

620 zł
Material: Glazed ceramics, oiled oak wood

Designer: Małgorzata Knobloch i Igor Wiktorowicz | Witamina D
Craftsman : Karol Elas Necel, Zakład Ceramiki Kaszubskiej Neclów w Chmielnie
Estimated delivery time: 1-5 days


The table top is a ceramic bowl made on a potter's wheel, unique in its form, color, texture and pattern. The three delicate strains on its edges are hand shaped in the likeness of spouts in traditional pots. They form the points of contact with the wooden structure. These two seemingly different values bond the objects while maintaining their distinctness. The ceramic bowl can be easily removed from the structure and the wooden legs can be folded flat. The table comes in three sizes, in several options of decoration and coloring.