395 zł
Material: Forged steel, porcelain, beeswax

Designer: METAFOR - Wojciech Mierzwa
Craftsman : Leszek Supiński, Kowal Oliwski
Estimated delivery time: 1-5 days


Two contrasting materials – the fragile porcelain dyed in the mass is juxtaposed with the exceptional brutality of the second material, forming a herbarium with a handle.

Blacksmith steel processing requires great strength, fire and precision. By rhythmically beating it, the material obtains plasticity to finally capture the final form. It is an extraordinary process which results in unique surfaces. At the same time, what is required to forge steel can easily destroy porcelain and that is why this combination seems both unreasonable and at the same time so interesting.

The fragile, colored porcelain has been manually prepared. By matching the right temperature of kilning the ceramics maintain their porosity and minimum permeability to ensure better plant growth conditions. The neutral gray coloration perfectly fits the green herbs and the gleaming dark ironwork, reminiscent of Gdynia’s concrete quays.

Kãpa is a Kashubian word for clump. A plateau cut from the sea which creates the Baltic cliffs, we can treat it as a reference to the coastal clumps of herbs and grasses.