Beeswax candles (set of two)
45 zł
Material: Beekeeping, beeswax, cotton, natural pigments

Projektantka: Natasza Grześkiewicz
Craftsman : Jacek i Iwona Krzysztof
Estimated delivery time: 1-5 days


The candles are made from 100% bee wax with the oldest and most traditional manufacturing technique – the hand-dipping method (repeatedly dipping a weighted wick in melted wax). No mold is needed for their production since the shape forms layer after layer. The creation method of the Bee Świece candles resembles the formation of a coastline by sea waves or the wind. The effect is highlighted by color. The candles are dyed with natural pigments and their wicks are woven from the highest quality unbleached cotton. Unlike paraffin candles they do not produce toxins or harmful substances.