Huk - patera

179 zł
Material: Artistic blacksmithing, steel

Designer: Stanisław Czarnocki
Craftsman : Kowale Losu
Estimated delivery time: 1-5 days


Hook is a set of items showing the blacksmithing craftsmanship. The platter shows the contrast. The smoothness, purity and simplicity of its form meets with irregular, turbulent structure. It is also an idea to emphasize and appreciate the work of blacksmiths, where strong, heavy movements can create a plastic, even sculptural structure. The candlestick is made on the basis of the ancient technique of the so-called grommet (punching), ie. connecting elements without welding. The fragment of the circular rod is flattened into a rectangular mold and then a hole for the candle is made by using a punch. Thanks to this process the material is 'pushed' to the sides, resulting in a thickening around the central part of the candlestick. The pot stand presents the universality of steel which in combination with the remarkable ability of the blacksmith gives unlimited possibilities of modeling and shaping. In the manufacturing process, the square rod is forged into the desired triangular shape which is then folded into an elliptical or circular shape.