A travel journal
85 zł
Material: Paper

Projektantka: Ewelina Orłowska
Craftsman : Introligatornia Władysław i Marek Chumowicz
Estimated delivery time: 1-5 days


Explore is a journal dedicated to travel sympathizers. It combines the craft of bookbinding with modern printing technology. Each copy was hand-bound using traditional book sewing techniques. The open back reveals the construction layer: thick threads and ribbons connecting individual pages into one volume. The interior is divided with spacers, on which the author's photographs are displayed, supplemented with short notes and fragments of maps, which are a record of her journey. The crowning element, thanks to which the diary acquires a noble and a unique character, is a cover on which the symbols of the world's directions have been embossed using various printing fonts.

The Explore journal is an invitation to an analogue recording, less and less practiced, being supplanted by a digital record. The journal is an inspiration to travel, discover and experience reality outside the net.