Walking accessory
230 zł
Material: Leather, cotton fabric

Projektantka: Emilia Kohut
Craftsman : Pracownia Rymarska A&W Sitko, Gdańsk
Estimated delivery time: 1-5 days


Aport is an accessory designed for walking with a dog. It was created in the saddler's workshop with a long tradition. Hand-made of thick, yuft cowhide, which evolves in an unusual way and changes over time leaving traces of the past. The product is characterized by a clean and simple form and attention to the smallest detail. A special belt allows you to carry it in many ways depending on your preferences. The removable inner pocket was designed for keeping dog food. Simple fasteners allow you to manipulate individual elements quickly and easily, which turns out to be useful during walks with the dog.

The idea for creating this product is the result of deliberations on moving away from the digital world in favor of experiencing reality. Aport encourages walks in the company of dogs as a way to relax in an offline mode according to your own idea.