Warzylnianki - WEG XL

Linen backpack for vegetables
119 zł
Material: Linen fabrics

Projektantka: Weronika Pniewska
Estimated delivery time: 1-5 days
Rzemieślniczka: Weronika Pniewska


Is a set of light linen produce bags for fruits, vegetables and dry ingredients frequently bought at greengrocers. The set also includes a larger linen shopping bag. The bags are an alternative solution for plastic bags that are used when shopping for groceries and usually thrown away straight after.

The items’ functionality is improved further by using four different types of cloth for their production. The linen used for the products comes from Polish crops. As a material, linen is much more eco friendly than the more commonly used cotton, not only in the way it is farmed, but also processed as well. Linen fibres are twice as durable as cotton. They have anti-mould and anti-rotting properties, absorb moisture, allow air to circulate as well as conduct heat. Linen textiles can also be boiled and dried in the sun to sterilise. This unique combination of properties makes linen the best textile for food packaging and transportation.