A face care set
65 zł
Material: Pads made of bamboo fibers - with antibacterial and anti-fungi properties. Pads made of hempen fibers – hypoallergic, resistant to mold, do not irritate skin. Structural cotton towel.
Care method: Wash cotton pads in 30* in a washing machine or in water with soap. To maintain properties of hempen fibres, wash them in lukewarm or cold water.

Projektantka: Kamila Niedzwiedzka
Estimated delivery time: 1-5 days


A face care set, which turns an everyday face cleaning into a relaxing ritual and makes us consciously resign from using disposable cotton pads. It is composed of a set of reusable pads made of soft bamboo fabric, intended for cleaning or make-up removal. The set also consists of two pads made of hempen fabric used for gentle peeling which regenerates skin, and a small towel. The whole set can be stored in a specially designed bag. All elements were made manually. At the front part of the bag, there is an illustration placed using a screen printing technique.