Set: Mydlarz, Lico i Myj

full set of the 2020 collection
245 zł

Designer: Zakwas Studio, Agata Nowak, Kamila Niedzwiedzka
Estimated delivery time: 1-5 days


A form for collect and processing leftover soap and a massager, that allows you to create a relationship with your body. The whole set consists of a container with a lid turned on a potter’s wheel and a porcelain massager which can be used as a soap dish. All elements create one coherent object but can be also used independently. The bottom part of the dish allows to accumulate soap residues. The lid is also a mold for making new soaps (the whole process is explained in a simple manual). The work on the set was based on a cross-sectional combination of traditional pottery techniques using 3D printing.

A mobile mirror, which can be moved when we are looking for a space to have a moment for ourselves. Thanks to a large handle it can be easily grabbed and use wherever there is daylight. If it is not used, it can be a decorative object on the dressing table. An organic base allows us to set the Lico on two different angles. It is hand made using the traditional clay building technique. After burning, the surface has been waxed thanks to which the mirror is resistant to humidity. The surface of the ceramics has delicate irregularities which remind us of the manual production process, giving each piece its uniqueness.

A face care set, which turns an everyday face cleaning into a relaxing ritual and makes us consciously resign from using disposable cotton pads. It is composed of a set of reusable pads made of soft bamboo fabric, intended for cleaning or make-up removal. The set also consists of two pads made of hempen fabric used for gentle peeling which regenerates skin, and a small towel. The whole set can be stored in a specially designed bag. All elements were made manually. At the front part of the bag, there is an illustration placed using a screen printing technique.